Each P3 Gauge is carefully hand-crafted by the passionate team at P3 Gauges USA.


    All P3 Gauges come with the reassurance of a 12 month limited warranty.


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What is the difference between the P3 Analog Gauge and the P3 V3 OBD2 Gauge?

The P3 Analoge gauge pulls information through analog sensors only (it does not connect to your vehicle’s network). The P3 V3 Gauge plugs into your vehicle’s OBD2 port and communicates directly with the ECU to pull information (analog sensors can be added to the P3 V3 Gauge as well).

How hard are P3 Gauges to install?

Each gauge is designed to be as easy as possible to install. The length/difficulty of install will depend on your ability/skill level and which version gauge you choose. The P3 Analog Gauge takes 30-60 minutes to install in most cases. The P3 V3 Gauge usually takes 5-30 minutes.

How accurate are the gauge readings?

The P3 Analoge Gauge uses an analog sensor that reads boost directly from your intake/charge pipe.

The P3 V3 Gauge works the same as a scan tool or code reader; it is reporting values that are present in your ECU. As long as the gauge is correctly configured for your vehicle, the values are shown on your gauge are the same values present in your ECU.

Sometimes with highly modified vehicles and/or certain ECU re-flashes or piggy-back tunes can skew the data.

What if my car is heavily tuned?

In nearly all cases, the P3 V3 Gauge will not be affected by modifications or a re-flashed ECU.

The function of our P3 Analogue Gauge is not affected by any tunes or modifications in any way.

“Piggy-back” style tunes that intercept sensors, can make the boost readings in the ECU appear lower than the actual value because the tune is “lying” to the ECU. In these cases our Analogue boost sensor can be easily added to your P3 V3 Gauge to keep an accurate boost reading.

Does the gauge require any additional parts for installation?

The P3 V3 Gauge does not require any additional parts for installation in most applications. Depending on vehicle model, the add-on analogue boost sensor may be required along with a boost tap kit.

The P3 Analogue Gauge may also require a boost tap to provide a fitting to connect to your vehicle’s intake manifold/charge pipe for your boost reading.

Does the air vent still function with the gauge installed?

Yes, unlike some competitor vent gauges all P3 gauges retain airflow though the air vent.


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